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The Davis® Attention Mastery Program is provided to individuals, ages eight and up, who are motivated to resolve difficulties with attention, behavioural issues, and/or social interactions.

We do not work with individuals who are taking prescribed medications for controlling behaviour or attention, as these medications interfere with the individual’s ability to know when he is doing so consciously and deliberately.

However, individuals who are taking such prescribed medications are required to consult their physician prior to discontinuing such medication. Our information is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counselling.

Most people who have ADD/ADHD also have some symptoms of reading problems associated with dyslexia. They particularly have difficulty with reading comprehension, having to reread many times before understanding a passage, so often a Davis Dyslexia Correction program would be recommended in conjunction with the Davis Attention Mastery Program. An initial consultation and assessment would determine the ideal strategy and estimated duration for a program.

Typically a program would be delivered in five to eight days.

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